The development process begins with a meeting to discuss the intended purpose of the website.  Any existing graphic content such as brochures are an ideal place to start from when deciding on the look and feel of the website.  

You need to have a clear idea of what pages you want on your site.  Your site does not need to include pages that other sites have unless they add to the purpose of the site.  It is a good idea to place things in standard locations so that your website users will intuitively know how to find their way around your site.

Once you have a clear idea of how you want your site to look, you can develop the content for each page.  This will include articles and images and any other information and tools that will help you website to function for your business.

Some examples of pages you may want to consider for your site are 

  • Home or Welcome page
  • Portfolio of products or work
  • Contact details
  • History or general information about the business
  • Shopping cart checkout if selling direct from site
  • Newsletters 
  • List of industry contacts

To gather ideas of what kinds of information will be of value to your clients, other websites for businesses similar to your own are a good place to start.

Google rewards your site for having traffic by giving you a higher ranking in its search engine.  To get and maintain traffic you need to have relevant interesting content that will attract and maintain the interest of your website traffic.

Email newsletters that link back to your site and entice visits are one way to build your traffic, your website has to offer a reason for visitors to return to maintain your traffic.  Some businesses will suit a social media presence such as facebook, linked-in and twitter.  Maintaining this type of campaign requires regular relevant broadcast of information to followers.  Not all businesses will suit social media campaigns.  It is important to match any social media channel to your customer demographic, so as to not waste your efforts.

+Kristen Macdonald