Responsive Design

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive Design is all about the ability of your website to be viewed on different devices.  For example; your website should be easy to read and navigate whether it is being viewed on a desktop, tablet or a phone.

The importance of this aspect of design is influenced by how your customers use your website.  More and more phones and tablets are being used to view and use the internet.  Having webpages that do not respond to your users device limits the value of your site.

What to consider when deciding on responsive design?

Will your website be used the same way on a mobile device as a standard computer?  For some websites the answer to this question is no. For those websites, you should consider which content should be prioritised on your mobile version of the site. Be careful not to frustrate your regular users but removing content that they may be used to viewing and using just because they are on a mobile device.

Touch screen considerations.

Many of the traditional rollover and hover features that add interest and some cool effects to web pages are not suitable for a touch screen environment.  You need to consider the trade off between not being able to use the effects for a large number of viewers using your site and ensuring that there are not areas of your site that are unreachable to users of touchscreen devices.

Don't overlook the importance of your site being mobile friendly

With the increased use of mobile devices and tablets, responsive design is an essential consideration for your website.  I recommend all new sites are built to be responsive and it must be considered as part of any redevelopment of existing sites.

Google also monitors how accessible your website is on mobile devices, to ignore this aspect of your site functionality is sure to impact on your sites ranking in the future if it hasn't already.

There is a wide selection of responsive Joomla Templates available.

+Kristen Macdonald