Website Redevelopment

When redeveloping your existing website, consideration must be given to maintaining the SEO reputation of your existing website.  Your domain name is a valuable asset in your ranking for search engines.

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Responsive Design

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive Design is all about the ability of your website to be viewed on different devices.  For example; your website should be easy to read and navigate whether it is being viewed on a desktop, tablet or a phone.

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I love to let my creative side get out as often as possible.  It doesn't happen as often as I would like, but when it does Pottery is a great outlet for me along side Photography.  

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Template Based Design

Template based website development brings high quality design into the reach of small businesses. Well designed websites have a number of characteristics that make them easy to navigate and use while also being Search Engine friendly.

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I am passionate about photography, it is a great way for me to share my beautiful part of the world.  It is also an essential tool for displaying your products.  We have all heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words.  


Choosing the right host for your site can be daunting.  If you need your site to have a reliable uptime choosing a reputable host is essential.  I recommend New Zealand based hosts with extended service hours.

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Custom Designed Websites

Your website should be as individual as you and your business is.  Bring me your ideas and I can create a unique and individual design that relates specifically to what you want from your website.  By creating websites with Content Management functionality you can create and edit your own content in a familiar word processor environment.  

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Contact Kristen to discuss your website or database requirements.  

Phone: 07 8552054

MB: 0226468344

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The development process begins with a meeting to discuss the intended purpose of the website.  Any existing graphic content such as brochures are an ideal place to start from when deciding on the look and feel of the website.  

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