The right images will make all the difference in presenting your products and services on your website.  I can arrange the photography for your site, or prepare your own photos for use where suitable.

Often the right images for your site already exist, Stock photography sites like Dreamstime, Shutterstock and iStockPhoto can be a great source for images for your site at a fraction of the cost of getting images taken specifically for your needs.  These images can generally be purchased for commercial royalty free use.

If you can't find what you need, I have equipment to take photos as required.

Stunning red and white Tulips grown at a local farm in Gordonton.

Fresh and Delicious Blueberries ready to be picked at Blueberry Country in Ohaupo

Cows up close and personal

Delicious Lemon Muffin at Firepot Cafe in Gordonton.

Fresh summer harvest of Cherry Tomato's

Suspended ceiling features by Alpha Interiors at Sylvia Park Auckland.

Sometimes concepts need to be developed. Image manipulation can help in developing ideas.

As your portfolio of work develops so to should your gallery of images on your site.  Here is an example of the workmanship of John Clausen from Plain and Fancy,a Hamilton kitchen Maker.

Images can set the theme for your website. 

A picture is often better than a thousand words. showing your products can help your customers really understand what you are about.

Here is another beautiful kitchen created by the experienced team at Plain and Fancy Kitchen and Cabinet Makers in Hamilton

Sometimes all you have to do to see great beauty is to take some time to look at the world around you.

Here is a photo from the end of year 8 party
The class on the lawn
+Kristen Macdonald